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What is ScopeFlash?

ScopeFlash is your language learning assistant.

ScopeFlash makes language learning fun again by generating AI language learning flashcards from the content you are truly excited about. Learn a foreign language from Netflix subtitles, a news article, or the lyrics of your favorite song. Your choice.

Simply enter the foreign language you want to learn, choose your native language, and then click “Generate Flashcards”. After some time, your flashcards will be generated!

ScopeFlash, a new AI language learning app, gives you the ability to export your flashcards as a CSV file to create Anki language flashcards for studying. Alternatively, you are welcome to save your flashcards on the website to study in ScopeFlash’s study page or export at a later time.

Your flashcards and decks are synced with an AI tutor found at the bottom-right of your screen, providing you the ability to ask questions about any grammar principles or any deeper insights into the language you want to learn.

What is Anki?

Anki is a flashcard spaced-repetition learning system which essentially helps you remember more effectively than alternative study methods which do not incorporate spaced-repetition. As illustrated by the curve of forgetting below, we tend to quickly forget after a first exposure to a new word or phrase.

What is the Curve of Forgetting? Anki language flashcards

Imagine if we could get exposed to words and phrases repeatedly? If so, the curve would not be so steep, but would instead become less steep with every review, as seen below:

What is spaced repetition? Anki language flashcards.

The graph above is the reason we prefer a spaced-repetition learning systems, and as a result, recommend Anki.

How to Create Anki Language Flashcards?

Want Spanish vocabulary flashcards or Korean vocabulary flashcards? Enter in the subtitles of your favorite Netflix show, and your language learning assistant will create the Spanish flashcards and Korean flashcards.

We recommend either copy and pasting your text into the field, either from the online source or from one of your documents. Easier methods are coming soon!

Use Cases

Imagine you want to learn Korean with kpop or learn Korean with kdramas. All you need to do is enter the kpop lyrics or kdrama subtitles into ScopeFlash’s AI flashcard generator. Simply wait a few moments and your detailed flashcards would be created. It’s that simple!

Want to learn Japanese with anime? Then you could easily create an Anki Japanese vocabulary deck to create your Japanese language flashcards. Now you can learn the language by watching the best anime to learn Japanese! How fun is that?

About The Founder

Grant Kurz, Founder of ScopeFlash, has been studying Korean for 3 years. In fact, Grant even lived in South Korea for 3 years, making many friends in the process. After a year of living in Seoul, Grant decided to take learning Korean seriously.


Consultabit is the creator of ScopeFlash

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The Problem

Grant ran into obstacles along his language learning journey.

One such roadblock was when he decided to buy a Korean children’s book which was 84 pages. Grant wrote down the entire book in a Google doc, and then searched for every single word in the dictionary. He crafted flashcards and studied the flashcards in a study tool called Anki.

Not only did the founder scour the dictionary for vocabulary, but also searched for grammar points. He highlighted every grammatical principle in the book he didn't know, and then created flashcards with the translation of the sentence with the grammar point. Moreover, he wrote the grammar rule on the back of the each flashcard.

Creating flashcards manually for interesting pieces of content was a time-consuming process, which took away valuable time from the language learning process.

The Solution

Due to the pain of manually creating language learning flashcards for his language learning journey, the founder decided to automate the problem for the world. Now, ScopeFlash is available for everyone to use to generate flashcards from the content you are truly passionate about.

Roadmap: AI Tutors, AI Language Exchange Partners, and Beyond

At ScopeFlash, our commitment to innovation never stops. While our AI-driven flashcards have revolutionized language learning, we're excited to share what's next on our horizon.

Coming soon: The integration of an AI tutor within the study feature. Instead of just learning from flashcards, you'll have the opportunity to interact with a responsive AI tutor. If you're stuck on a phrase, unsure about pronunciation, or simply want to practice a conversation, all you'll need to do is click on the chat. This AI tutor will guide you, answer your questions, and assist in making your language learning journey even more immersive.

We believe in a future where language barriers are a thing of the past, and we're building the tools to make that vision a reality. With ScopeFlash, you're not just adopting a study tool; you're joining a community dedicated to transforming how we learn languages.